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Basic Pricing/ Pack trips, Pack Support, Fishing Trips

Day Ride $200
Pack Support $200 per day
Drop Camp $250 per day

Deluxe Pack Trips
5 day $1000
3 day $750
2 day $500

2 person minimum
(price per person)


Question you may have.

Q. How much can a mule carry and how should I pack my gear to be loaded on a mule?

Our pack animals can carry quite a bit of weight, but in our mountainous terrain we limit each pack animal to 120 lbs., that means 60 lbs. per side. This weight per animal is not that difficult to achieve with smart packing and good equipment. When it comes to loading gear on our mules we feel the most important thing to consider when deciding what and how much gear to bring is bulk. Large or bulky items make it difficult for the mules to keep from running gear across trees and rocks on narrow trails.

Q. How long of trip can you do?

We can do anything from 1 hr trail ride to day trip to a week excursion.


Q. How does it work if we decide to leave early?

We can cater to what you would like to do as far as packing out of an area, although trips must be paid in full before the start of your trip and all deposits are non refundable, but trips are able to be postponed or rescheduled before the start of your trip. If you are on a pack supported type trip a sat phone is recommended so that you can contact us if needed.

Q. What if the weather gets bad?

Adverse weather is something that you should plan for when packing your gear. We will be prepared on our end.

Q. Do you have some camping gear if we need to rent some?

We do have quite a bit of gear and are definitely willing to work with you on what you may need.

Q. What are the age limits for children and how many each trip?

10yrs old. With a limit of no more than 4 under the age of 16. Allowing children under the age of 10 may be done on a case by case basis.