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This may be the most economical way to take advantage of our services, but does sometimes require physically demanding hikes on your part. Pack support is a great option for a group of Do-it-yourself type people looking to get away from it all, would like a few extras, but don’t want to carry an 80lb backpack. Basically we drop your gear where you want and you hike in.

In the past we have done jobs where customers have hiked into a high mountain lake while we packed in their backpacks as well as their food and just dropped it off. At the end of their trip when the food was used up and the packs were lightened they hiked out on their own, although we can also come back to take your gear out.
We have done pack support jobs for the magazine "Runners World", Geologists, Government Surveyors, Trail Crews, Backpackers, Fisherman, and Mining Companies. We are very adaptable and willing to work with you on what you would like to get transported.